About Us

Experience. Knowledge. Trust.

Established in the scientific recruitment sector for more than 20 years, Rowland Scientific Talent Solutions has worked on a wide variety of projects for the leading names in science as well as some of the most-recognised brands in the UK.

By applying the following simple formulas to everything that we do, Rowland Scientific Talent Solutions continues to stand out from the competition to remain the trusted name in scientific recruitment for the UK.

Your Needs + Our Expertise
Every organisation has unique needs and challenges, which is why we work hard to really get to know our clients and candidates so that we can strategically match the right people to their ideal role and workplace.

Goals + Expectations
Your goals are exactly that: yours. It’s not our place to try and change them, which is why we endeavour to help tackle the challenges and meet the expectations of all of our clients and candidates.

Urgency + Focus
We understand the sense of urgency when it comes to filling a much-required role in an organisation, which is why we operate in the most timely manner while keeping clients and candidates informed at all times.

Passion + Knowledge
​Our passion for science is evident in everything we do and backed by education and real experience, proving that we genuinely care about what we do.

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